IBV-C26N Catheter
IBV-C26N Catheter
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IBV-C26N Catheter

Single-use spiration valve deployment system.

Spiration valves are inserted into the airway by deployment of the catheter and loader.

  • Unique and convenient loading and deployment system for delivery of multiple valves during a single patient procedure
  • The loader is a tool used to insert the valve into the tip of the deployment catheter
  • The deployment catheter is used to deliver the valve to its target location
  • Compatible with a 2.6mm channel or larger
  • The valve is deployed when the operator pulls the catheter retractor which retracts the catheter sheath to release the valve
  • Working length: 1020 mm
    Required Bronchoscope instrument channel diameter: 2.6 mm or greater
    Required number per procedure: 1 pc
Model Name Article Number Catheter  Working
Bronchoscope  Channel
Inner Diameter
Number Required per Procedure
IBV-C26N N5381300 1020mm 2.6mm or greater 1
For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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