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TJF-Q180V Duodenoscope

Setting a new standard for ease of use, security, and flexibility, the unique dual locking mechanism supports enhanced ERCP efficiency.

Completely redesigned to ensure greater reliability and flexibility, the TJF-Q180V's dual locking mechanism is optimised to exploit the reactive force of the guidewire. The forceps elevator has been modified to broaden the range of scope positions in which the guidewire can be securely locked. Thanks to the firmer grip of the dual locking mechanism, a 0.025-inch guidewire can now be locked in addition to a 0.035-inch guidewire in either a Centre or Side Lock mechanism.

  • Unique dual locking mechanism for the efficient short guidewire exchange in combination with the dedicated V-SystemTM ERCP devices.
  • With its firmer grip and a design that takes advantage of the guidewire's reactive force, the Centre Lock section, the V-Groove on the forceps elevator has a reconfigured groove shape that locks the guidewire more securely than ever.
  • A new Side Lock section has been added to the side of the forceps elevator to increase guidewire locking flexibility. It physically fixes the guidewire even when it is positioned to the side of forceps elevator.
  • Narrow Band ImagingTM enhances observation of the mucosa and capillaries.
  • Ergonomically designed grip enhances scope maneuverability, while easy-to-access controls and user programmable switches can improve operability.
  • 4-way angulation (120° up, 90° down, 110° right and 90° left) facilitates approach to the papilla of Vater.
  • Scope ID function stores individual scope information, facilitating suite management.

Optical System

Field of view


Direction of view

5°Backward oblique viewing

Depth of field

5 to 60 mm

Distal End

Outer diameter

13.7 mm

Insertion Tube

Outer diameter

11.3 mm

Bending Section

Angulation range U/D


Angulation range R/L


Working Length

1240 mm

Total Length

1550 mm

Instrumental Chanel

Inner diametor

4.2 mm

Minimum visible distance

10 mm

Water Jet


For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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