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EndoCapsule EC-10
EndoCapsule EC-10
EC-10 Belt
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EndoCapsule EC-10

Beginning with our release of the world's first gastrocamera over 50 years ago, Olympus has been at the forefront of endoscope research and development.

Our latest capsule endoscope system, ENDOCAPSULE 10, continues our tradition of providing medical professionals with the finest instruments possible.

ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM reflects our vast experience in opto-digital technology for endoscopes. This small intestine endoscope system produces extremely high-quality images for fast, efficient, and precise examinations that you can trust - the ideal solution for medical institutions looking to expand diagnostic capabilities in this critical field.

ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM. More than a capsule. A comprehensive system you can trust.

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  • ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM includes: Smart viewer, Antenna Belt, Recorder Cradle, Workstation and Monitor, ENDOCAPSULE software and software light version
  • Olympus lens technology and super-sensitive high resolution CMOS provides clear and detailed examination images
  • 160 degree wide angle of view allows for optimal observation
  • Longer battery life to 12hrs allows for less incomplete procedures to occur and provides greater convenience to the patient and the practice
  • New reading functions facilitate quick review of results and ultimately a quicker diagnosis
  • With use of the high-precision antenna, 3D Track allows you to follow the capsule as it moves through the small intestine. 3D Track will allow you to see where the capsule is located for each captured thumbnail image. This is designed to help assessment of the location of abnormalities and subsequently what approach should be taken next
  • Advanced systems integration makes data sharing fast and easy. ENDOCAPSULE 10 SYSTEM integrates into existing hospital systems allowing results to be managed centrally
  • ENDOCAPSULE LIGHT software allows you to continue post-examination procedures even without direct access to the hospital network
  • New antenna belt significantly reduces preparation time and provides greater comfort and flexibility to the patients
  • The all-in-one Smart Recorder and viewer allows you to playback and capture images as well record the procedure in one handy unit
For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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