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Diego Elite Multdebrider
Diego Elite Multdebrider
Diego Elite Angled Handpeice
Diego Elite Straight Handpeice
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Diego Elite Multidebrider

The DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider is a first in class, unique system with a range of efficiency optimizing features. It is the world’s only ENT system to offer both monopolar and bipolar energy blades for hemostasis, as well as traditional standard shaver blades. This enables a full array of surgery options using just one device.

The innovative DIEGO ELITE Multidebrider is the only ENT system offering both monopolar and bipolar options as well as traditional standard blades. Special bendable blades enable unprecedented reach and versatility across a full range of ENT surgeries with a single device. In addition, procedural efficiency is optimized with features such as toggle stop to open or close the blade window quickly, dedicated suction and convenient bulb for easy de-clogging, choice of ergonomic hand pieces suited to physician preference, and a blade ID feature that defaults to recommended settings for each attached blade.


  • Monopolar or Bipolar Blades:
    Monopolar or Bipolar coagulation at your fingertips is one option to control bleeding.
  • Declog:
    The newly designed declog bulb attaches to the suction and irrigation tubing. During a procedure, should a clog be encountered, the clog can simply be removed by squeezing the bulb.  No more wasting time with brushes or stylet's.
  • Toggle Stop
    A single tap of a foot pedal allows for the shaver blade window to be completely closed and/or fully opened; which is ideal for starting a procedure or for providing suction during a case without losing position.
  • Blade ID
    During complicated cases, blades and burrs are regularly switched and settings changed.  A smart chip inside each blade ensures that every time a new blade is inserted, it will default to the recommended settings making operation easier for both the surgeon and circulating staff.
  • Dedicated Suction
    Inferior wall suction can be a major cause of poor tissue removal.  DIEGO ELITE now offers the option of a dedicated suction module to allow for constant suction to aid with faster tissue removal.
  • Choice of Hand Piece
    Olympus now offers a choice of hand piece designs for the first time ever. Surgeons can select the hand piece that suits their personal preference.
For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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Diego Elite Multidebrider
Diego Elite Multidebrider
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