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LTF-160 Pleauravideoscope
LTF-160 Pleauravideoscope
LTF-160 Pleauravideoscope
LTF-160 Pleauravideoscope
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LTF-160 Pleuravideoscope

With its slim design and wide channel, the autoclavable LTF-160 from Olympus is today’s choice for medical thoracoscopy.

The Olympus LTF-160 has been specially designed to simplify and streamline medical thoracoscopy under local anesthesia with a slim, flexible design that allows you to quickly perform procedures. Unlike rigid scopes, the LTF-160 requires only a single puncture. And unlike fiberscopes,
the LTF-160 makes it easy for you to keep your orientation inside the pleural cavity. This handy scope is also autoclavable so you’ll be able to perform percutaneous procedures with confidence.

  • With the LTF-160, you’ll always benefit from Olympus’s signature sharpness and clarity when viewing the inside of the pleural cavity.
  • Images are picked up by a high-resolution CCD in the scope tip so they can be displayed on your monitor in a big easy-to-view screen that’s larger than the round screen used with rigid scope images.
  • To facilitate intercostal insertion under local anesthesia, the insertion tube of the LTF-160 measures only 7 mm in diameter, yet that slim design still offers a powerful range of capabilities including 160º upward/130º downward two-way angulation capability and a 2.8-mm diameter channel. This makes it possible to perform a sequence of procedures with a single scope — including observing and biopsying the parietal pleura. And a single puncture in the patient’s chest is all you’ll need to perform all these procedures.
  • To maintain the necessary clean area perimeter, the LTF-160 is provided with a long 2.3-meter universal cord for connection to the processor.

Optical system

Field of view


Direction of view


Depth of field

3-100 mm

Distal End

Outer diameter

7.0 mm

Insertion Tube

Outer diameter

7.0 mm

Bending Section

Angulation range U/D


Angulation range R/L


Wotking length

270 mm

Total Length

520 mm

Instrumental Chanel

Inner diametor

2.8 mm

Minimum visible distance


Laser Compatibility

YAG, 810 nm diode

For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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