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BF-1TQ180 Bronchovideoscope
BF-TQ180 Bronchovideoscope
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BF-1TQ180 Bronchovideoscope

Expand your therapeutic capabilities when performing bronchoscopy by utilizing a bronchoscope that now provides high-resolution imaging with a large working channel.

Dramatically improved image size and quality in a slim, easy- to-insert design. The new BF-Q180 has dramatically improved image quality and greatly enlarged image size in comparison to conventional bronchoscopes, yet its distal end measures just 5.5 mm and its insertion tube a thin 5.1mm Superior image quality.  The image quality of the BF-Q180 is something new in bronchoscopy. This extraordinary imaging is capable of rendering all details of bronchial tree with superb sharpness and clarity. Enlarged image size for easier observation. The BF-Q180 also provides a much larger image size than it predecessors. Not ony are images clearer and sharper, they are larger and easier to observe so you can perform bronchoscopy with more ease and confidence.

What is NBI? NBI is an optical image enhancement technology that enhances the visibility of vessels and other structures on the mucosal surface. Under NBI the normal white light spectrum is filtered to those narrow light bands that are absorbed by the haemoglobin in the blood. These green and blue bands penetrate only shortly below the surface of the mucosa and enhance the vascular pattern fo this area. The NBI image displays blood containing vessels as dark structures, while normal mucosa appears bright. Through the clear visualisation of the vessel structure it is possible to differentiate between an inflammation and a pathological vascularisation.

  • Superb high-resolution images clearly depict the mucosal surface of the tracheobronchial tree. 
  • Large full screen image size enables easier observation to help improve bronchoscopic treatment efficiency.
  • 2.8 mm diameter working channel accommodates a wide range of EndoTherapy accessories and EBUS probes, while providing powerful suction capability.
  • Insertion tube diameter has not been compromised — measuring 6.2 mm.
  • Fully compatible with Olympus CV-180, CV-160, and CV-140 video processors.
  • Compatible with laser treatment as well as Olympus electrocautery devices.
  • The scope ID function stores individual scope and patient information and displays it on the monitor to help facilitate smooth case management.

Optical System

Field of view


Direction of view

0°Forward viewing

Depth of field

3-100 mm

Distal End

Outer diameter

6.3 mm

Insertion Tube

Outer diameter

6.2 mm

Bending Section

Angulation range U/D


Angulation range R/L


Working Length

600 mm

Total Length

870 mm

Instrumental Chanel

Inner diameter

2.8 mm

Minimum visible distance

3.0 mm

Laser Compatibility

Nd:YAG,810nm diode

For specific details on clinical applications for this product, please contact your local Olympus Australia/New Zealand representative.
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