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Olympus is leading the way in endoscopy for both Gastroenterology and Respiratory Physicians.  Our aim is to bring the most advanced endoscopic imaging systems to support the rapidly evolving field of endoscopy, benefiting healthcare as a whole.

Olympus values our relationship with our customers, seeking to involve them in the development of new products and offering support to ensure the optimisation of the advanced features of Olympus products. 

Our research and development team is closely aligned with leading physicians in Australia and around the world to ensure that our product developments support the exciting medical advances in our field.  In addition, Olympus supports multi-centre research through key opinion leader forums in Australia and internationally.

To ensure that the technical advances in our products translate directly into improved medical practice, Olympus is proud to support the industry with advanced training programs regularly held around the country.  Recent topics include improved diagnosis through Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) and Endobronchial Ultrasonography (EBUS).  Olympus also supports programs such at the Westmead Symposium and the learning centre at the Australian Gastro Week (AGW) Conference.

The Olympus Centre of Excellence program is now well established in each capital city in Australia, ensuring that the most advanced products are available for major teaching hospitals to ensure the furthering of endoscopic medicine in Australia.

Olympus is proud of our role in endoscopy and for the medical benefits we deliver to the profession and patients.

Below, you will find a list of Olympus Products that are appropriate for Endoscopy. For the full list, go to Advanced search and select Endoscopy from the Disciplines drop down list.

Olympus offers a range of imaging systems across all surgical specialties, including the latest in surgical visualization technology encompassing our Universal Imaging EXERA III platform, Olympus 3D surgical imaging and our newly released Olympus 4K Ultra High Definition system which brings Big Screen Surgery to the operating room in glorious Ultra High Definition.

We also offer the popular VISERA ELITE surgical specific, Full High Definition camera system.
CLV-180 Xenon Light Source
High-intensity 300 watt light source delivers the illumination to drive HDTV and a new Narrow Band Imaging™ (NBI) feature enhances visualisation capabilities.
Olympus, the world-wide leader in endoscopic imaging, introduces the OEV261H mointor, designed and calibrated to optimise image performance in endoscopic and surigcal procedures. 26 inch, High Definition imaging performance optimised specfically for Olympus Endoscopic images.
FG-460YR - Disposable rotatable 6-wire grasping basket
• To retrieve foreign bodies and excised tissue
• 6-wire design for firm grip
• Rotatable function - controls basket movement to grasp foreign body easily inside the small intestine
• 16mm basket width enables foreign body removal from the small intestine
• Convenient single use design with integral handle

• Working Length: 2700mm
• Minimum working channel: 2.8mm
• Basket diameter: 16mm

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FG-7U-1 - Reusable alligator jaw grasping forceps with insulated coating
• Olympus provides a complete line-up of grasping forceps to meet every clinical requirement.
• Alligator jaws for easy grasping
• Insulated insertion section allows the forceps to be used in combination with high-frequency instruments
• Autoclavable and immersible in disinfectant soultions

• Working Length: 2300mm
• Minimum working channel: 3.7mm
• Opening diameter: 11.3mm

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BF-XP160F Ultra-Slim Hydrid VideoScope
With an ultra-slim insertion tube measuring a mere 2.8mm in diameter, this innovative “hybrid” scope boasts a surprisingly large 1.2mm diameter instrument channel and high-quality video images that will set a new standard for bronchoscopy in the peripheral lung.
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SME-200P-10040 - Biliary Metallic Stent
FG-460YR - Disposable rotatable 6-wire grasping basket
FG-7U-1 - Reusable alligator jaw grasping forceps with insulated coating
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EndoCapsule EC-10
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EU-ME2 Endoscopic Ultrasound Processor
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