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Below, you will find a list of Olympus Products that are appropriate for General Surgery. For the full list, go to Advanced search and select the General Surgery

Olympus offers a range of imaging systems across all surgical specialties, including the latest in surgical visualization technology encompassing our Universal Imaging EXERA III platform, Olympus 3D surgical imaging and our newly released Olympus 4K Ultra High Definition system which brings Big Screen Surgery to the operating room in glorious Ultra High Definition.

We also offer the popular VISERA ELITE surgical specific, Full High Definition camera system.
Olympus presents a complete range of laparoscopic equipment, from laparoscopes, trocars, ports, videoscopes to hand instruments and choledoscopes.
CF-H180AI/L High Definition Colonovideoscope
HDTV, Close Focus, and Narrow Band Imaging make this advanced scope the new standard in colonoscopy.
TJF-Q180V Duodenoscope
Setting a new standard for ease of use, security, and flexibility, the unique dual locking mechanism supports enhanced ERCP efficiency.
True HDTV high-definition images can only be fully realised when every link in the image chain, from chip to screen, is designed to meet the same 1080i display standard. High-definition HD flexible tipped video laparoscopes bring a previously unachieveable image quality to practical reality in the operating room.
Olympus offers a complete line-up of instruments for diagnostic rectoscopy and therapeutic transanal microsurgery, combining functionality with durability.
SurgMaster Electrosurgical Generator
The Olympus UES-40 SurgMaster - one generator for virtually any electrosurgical need.
NM-401L-0425 - Disposable injection needles
For Upper GI
• Extra stiff sheath to enhance penetration and prevent kinking
• Large range for wide variety of applications
• Enhance piercing capability with improved extrusion performance delivers a smooth, reliable, effective injection everytime
• A larger lumen ensures that the injection solution flows smoothly and quickly through the needle lumen
• Ergonomic handle with positive “click” action
• Standard bevel for upper GI and short bevel for lower GI is available.

• Working Length: 1650mm
• Minimum working channel: 2.0mm
• Regular bevel
• Needle length: 4mm
• 25 gauge

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BF-1TQ180 Bronchovideoscope
Expand your therapeutic capabilities when performing bronchoscopy by utilizing a bronchoscope that now provides high-resolution imaging with a large working channel.
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PCF-H190L/I Colonovideoscope
CF-H190L/I Colonovideoscope
UPD-3 ScopeGuide
Laparoscopes Telescopes
CF-HQ190L/I Colonovideoscope
ENF-VQ Video Rhinolaryngoscope
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ENF-VQ Video Rhinolaryngoscope
CF-H180AI/L High Definition Colonovideoscope
Diego Elite Multidebrider
TJF-Q180V Duodenoscope
SME-200P-10040 - Biliary Metallic Stent
SurgMaster Electrosurgical Generator
Laparoscopes Telescopes
UPD-3 ScopeGuide
CF-H190L/I Colonovideoscope
BF-H190 Bronchovideoscope
BF-Q190 Bronchovideoscope
CF-HQ190L/I Colonovideoscope
CV-190 Video System Centre
CLV-190 Video Xenon Light Source
PCF-PH190L/I Colonovideoscope
GIF-HQ190 Gastrovideoscope
GIF-H190 Gastrovideoscope
Spiration Valve
EndoCapsule EC-10
VMC-1 HD Digital Documentation System
EU-ME2 Endoscopic Ultrasound Processor
QuickClip Pro