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At Olympus you’re part of a global brand with rich heritage and a shining future.

In 1920, when we introduced our first product, the microscope, major surgery through tiny laparoscopic openings or examining the intricate interior of an aircraft engine were undreamed of. Today our products take us to all of these places and more.

At Olympus you represent high quality products that touch many lives and help to change the way we live for the better.  

We invest in building lasting relationships with our customers because we think their work is amazing. From early cancer detection to life-saving surgery, or contributing to scientific discovery, you play a part in their success.

If it’s opportunity and challenge that you seek, Olympus can help you learn and grow in your career.

The possibilities of technology are boundless and our globally industry-leading investment in research and development means you can stay at the cutting-edge.

We’re growing strongly and have big aspirations in Australia and New Zealand.

We need great people to grow with us.

With growth comes the challenge of improving systems and processes and striving to lift our performance as a team. It’s a challenge you’ll take on alongside bright people who care about each other and the work they do.

By giving you the opportunity to shine we can achieve much as a company and as an industry.

At Olympus, we want you to shine.


Olympus Australia/NZ at a Glance 

  • Olympus Australia/New Zealand is a subsidiary of the Olympus Corporation

    • It operates independently from Olympus Imaging Australia (digital cameras and accessories, binoculars and voice recorders).

  • It is a market-leader in the supply of high quality optical, electronic and precision engineering products to customers in the medical, scientific and industrial sectors.

  • It has approximately 360 employees in Australia and New Zealand.

  • It has achieved an average of double-digit growth in operating income every year since it was formed - AUD $17 million in 1997 approaching $200 million today – with growth expected to continue at this rate.

  • The Olympus Corporation sees its investment in research and development as critical to its success

    • Over USD$750 million is spent annually and there have been approximately 11,700 patented inventions to date.

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