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A Brief History of Olympus

Head Office - Acacia PlaceOlympus Australia Pty Ltd represents many years of planning and will set new standards in delivering a range of quality services and products to the Australian market.

The creation of three divisions, a Medical Products Group, Micro Imaging and Inspection and Maintenance systems will provide focus, growth and expansion in the range of services for the healthcare, scientific and the industrial sectors.

Olympus Australia was formed in 1997 and has a subsidiary company Olympus New Zealand, formed in 1998. Today we sell and service Endoscopy and Surgical equipment to the medical industry, microscopes used for research, medical and industrial purposes, remote visual and non-destructive testing equipment used by industry.

We have diversified and added companies in line with the strategic direction of our parent company Olympus Corporation in Tokyo. For approximately 2 years, consumer cameras were a part of the portfolio of products until October 2004 Olympus Imaging Australia was established as a separate company. In 2006, we purchased Maxtech Australia and in 2008 Gyrus Australasia. Both company's employees and operations have now been incorporated into ours and adding complimentary products to enhance our product range.

This company brings to Australia the support and expertise gained internationally as world leaders in Medical, Microscopy and Industrial markets.

A Company Overview

Micro Imaging Systems Division

Emerging in a highly contested market we sought to distinguish ourselves from our competitors, a task made difficult by similarity in product and the geographical enormity of delivering services on a national basis.

It was mutually agreed that a key objective in the establishment of Olympus Australia was to create an Environment conductive to improving the effective delivery of services to our customers.

It became apparent that as our business supported different products and applications, so too should the structure that supported them.

The creation of the Micro Imaging Systems Division commits resources to the areas of Research, Biotechnology and the Industrial market. Each business unit is headed by a Regional Sales leader with the responsibility for ensuring customer satisfaction is achieved through a structured, industry specific approach.

It is the philosophy of the Micro Imaging Systems Division to become partners in your business. To offer solutions to your problems and provide the variety and levels of support which will add most value to your organisation.

Embracing four basic principals, the Micro Imaging Systems Division will continue to improve upon existing levels of service provided to customers through: efficiency, accountability, innovation and professionalism.

Medical Instruments Division

The Medical Instrument Division is responsible for the marketing and distribution of high end Olympus medical equipment & technologies in Australia, and through Olympus' respective agent and dealers in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Tahiti and the South Pacific region.

The Medical Instrument Division encompasses a broad range of Endoscopy and Surgical instruments, with particular emphasis in the fields of Gastro endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Bronchoscopy and the entire spectrum of Endoscopic surgery, including Laparoscopy, Urological endoscopy, Hysteroscopy and Arthroscopy.

The mission of the Olympus Medical Instruments Division is to make a whole hearted commitment to the customer ensuring an improved hospital experience for the Australasian community. This commitment is a package consisting of a superior product range, dedicated sales force, professional marketing team and superior service by our Customer Technical Support team.

To enhance this total package, the management team are continually striving to develop an environment where staff participate in ongoing training programs, pursue a clear understanding of the customer's needs, and develop the ability to respond to customer's requirements in a socially responsible way.

Inspection & Maintenance Systems Division

Our goal is to supply reliable, economical inspection and maintenance systems nationally that enhance safety, security, and productivity for customers and that contribute to society. We are committed to actively pursuing the development of new technologies, products, and services that offer the best solutions to customers' needs. Our commitment to designing quality products is directly linked to our customers' responsibility to comply with the highest industry standards and regulations in order to ensure public safety.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The Customer Technical Support team is an integral part of the total quality service program together with sales and marketing.

The engineers of the Customer Technical Support team are highly skilled and have received thorough Olympus technical training, both in Australia and overseas, and have extensive field service experience.

Combining this level of technical expertise with the Olympus philosophy "pursuant of customers' satisfaction", we set the goal of providing a speedier response and repair time for both major and minor repairs of Olympus equipment.

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